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The role of the endodontist is to do everything possible to save your tooth, preserve bone tissue, and clear infections. After all, you want your teeth to last a lifetime, right?

Endodontic treatment​

Endodontics is a dental specialty that involves the treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and supporting structures. Endodontists have special postgraduate training and are experienced in diagnosing the causes of oral and facial pain.

General dentists often refer patients to an endodontist when cases are complicated or more difficult to address. For endodontic treatment to be understood, patients must know their dental anatomy. A tooth consists of several layers, including the outer layer or enamel. This surface layer is supported by dentin, which protects the soft tissue in the center (known as the pulp). Various blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue are found in the pulp that form the surrounding dentin and enamel during tooth development. The pulp is very important during tooth growth, but not for function. Even after pulp removal, the tooth will continue to receive nutrition from the tissues.


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Our endodontist will remove the inflamed or infected nerve, then clean the canal system and seal the prepared space. Most treatment can be completed in one or two appointments. At the end of the procedure, our professional can schedule an additional visit for permanent reconstruction.

Patients seek root canal treatment due to tooth pain. Thanks to the advantages of modern dentistry, the procedure is for the most part painless. Early treatment can result in a more comfortable procedure. It is not recommended to wait until the problem progresses to the point where more invasive procedures are required. Patients may experience sensitivity to bites after a few days, but this will go away on their own.

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